RAVE: I love blogs!

RAVE: I love blogs!

So, the blog has been a success!

Today, I met up at Chuck E. Cheese with two old friends from high school. It was really nice to get back in touch, meet their beautiful children, and just catch up on what’s been going on these past 10 + years. Here’s a pic of the kids. Well, actually three pics because we couldn’t get them all to focus on one camera. Aren’t they precious? From left to right we have Jackson (Diane’s son), Lauren (Christine and Matt Potak’s daughter), Chase, and Ian (both sons of Bryan and Laurie Maddex).

Later on I spent some time with my Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin before they flew back to Texas. It was a beautiful day and we spent the afternoon walking along the Safety Harbor marina before we went to lunch at Crispers.

It’s hard to believe we’ve got to go back to school on Monday. How fast time flies!

2 thoughts on “RAVE: I love blogs!

  1. Hey girl!! Sorry we didn’t make it to Chuck E. Cheese, it would have been really cool to catch up! I didn’t know you were a teacher in Pinellas county! I teach at Ozona Elementary. So, when will you be baby ready???


  2. We had lots of fun! Can’t wait til you have a baby…I want to see if you still look as wonderful and put-together as you did on Friday :)Nice to see you. Keep in touch.


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